Tow Hall 9 farming base to save your Dark elixir-Anti Dark loot Base

You have upgraded to Town Hall 9 and you are afraid that someone will raid on you and steal your Dark elixir, just set this TH9 farming base which will help you to save your dark elixir.

Anti Dark loot Base for Town Hall 9

TH9-antidark loot base

Proof: Here are some raid videos on this base

Raid 1


Raid 2

Raid 3


WhatsApp New Update: Share button in Facebook app, Export chat as ZIP, new welcome screen.



In the next update of WhatsApp and Facebook app we might get below cool features and updates.

–  Currently in Whatsapp Beta version.

  • Export your chat as a Zip.
  • Facebook app : Share via WhatsApp.
  • New Welcome screen and other changes.
  • Payment information has been removed.
  • User’s phone number will display in Settings.


–  Parallely Whatsapp is also working on Video chat



Fix Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings

Okay, You got this problem Don’t worry, just follow simple steps and you will get solution.

Step 1 :  Open “Command Promt” (Run as administrator)


Step 2 : Run these commands

– netsh winsock reset


– netsh int ipv4 reset


Step 3:  Restart your Laptop / PC. Done

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